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Microsoft Gold Partner

  • Microsoft Identity and Security Solutions
  • bullet  Microsoft Desktop Solutions
  • bullet  Microsoft Communications Solutions
  • bullet  Microsoft Portals and Collaboration Solutions
  • bullet  Microsoft Systems Management Solutions
  • bullet  Microsoft Server Platform Solutions
  • bullet  Microsoft Data Platform Solutions
  • bullet  Microsoft Midmarket Solutions

Microsoft Azure

  • Cyquent Technologies Windows 2003 to Azure Roadmap program is a five-day* process that examines and evaluates all your current workloads and provides an actionable roadmap to transition them to flexible, scalable, fully supported Microsoft Azure cloud servers.
  • bullet Cost and flexibility advantages
  • bullet Scalability on demand
  • bullet No hardware purchases
  • bullet Reliability of a fully supported OS and hardware stack
  • bullet Opportunities to automate global changes and server configuration
  • bullet Opportunities to upgrade applications


  • bullet   Digital Marketing
  • bullet   Data Aggregation
  • bullet  Web Harvesting & Query Engines
  • bullet  Information Processing
  • bullet   Knowledge Creation
  • bullet  Editorial / Internet Marketing / Taxonomy
  • bullet  Analytics & Reporting


  • The Gateway Appliance Solutions:
  • bullet Microsoft Forefront Thread Management Gateway
  • bullet Microsoft Forefront Unified Access Gateway
  • bullet  Microsoft Intelligent Application Gateway
  • bullet  Microsoft Internet Security & Application Server


  • Partnering with Symantec,
  • bullet   Network Access Protection
  • bullet   Secure Wireless
  • bullet   Server & Domain Isolation
  • bullet   Directory Service Design and Implementation bullet Clustered, Highly Available and Fault Tolerant solutions Messaging Solutions with Exchange 2007


  • GigaTrust Capabilities
  • bullet   Multiple File Formats
  • bullet   Mobility Platform
  • bullet   Automatic Protection
  • bullet   QuickStart
  • bullet   Deployment Services


  • Architecture, design, & implementation of Microsoft Exchange 2007, Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2013.
  • bullet   End-to-end solutions
  • bullet   Ease of use, ease of access
  • bullet   Intuitive communications experience
  • bullet   Strong ROI and improved collaboration


  • Solutions for SQL Server - Simplifies administration with performance monitoring, backup & recovery, security, compliance, and more. Solutions for SharePoint - Monitor performance and availability, backup & recovery, governance & compliance, migration and security. Solutions for Server Backup - back up your virtual or multi-server environment. Solutions for PowerShell - Code PowerShell faster than ever with IDE for Windows PowerShell


  • bullet Desktop Vitualization
  • bullet Enterprise Cloud Networks
  • bullet Cloud Convergence
  • bullet Security and compliance
  • bullet Work shifting


  • bullet Changed block tracking: 20x faster backup, plus near-continuous data protection.
  • bullet Built-in deduplication and compression: 75% reduction in backup size.
  • bullet Forever incremental: 1 synthetic full Back up on disk at any given time.
  • bullet Agentless: no agents for you to license, deploy, maintain or monitor.
  • bullet Instant File - Level Recovery: restore Windows guest files directly from an image-level backup
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