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What we do – Solve all your Microsoft System Center Problems!

Cyquent is a leading professional services organisation who is passionate at implementing IT management and infrastructure solutions into enterprises, using Microsoft’s System Center product suite and related technologies.

• Provide enterprise technical expertise for all Microsoft System Center products and supporting technologies

• Take on the overall risks of global enterprise desktop & server migration projects

• rovide business, programme/project management, assurance expertise

• Complete large global or small projects and integrate your in-house resources

• Supply advanced technical training customised for each organisation

• Provide advanced global technical experts for events and conferences

Our Benefits

• Long experience

• Reduced risk

• Rapid delivery

• Advanced problem solving

• Guaranteed delivery

• Business understanding

The Microsoft System Center product suite can be complex, difficult to understand and tough for end user organisations to implement with any degree of success. Even with in their own in house expertise, we find most organisations struggle to implement System Center solutions which deliver all the advanced capabilities found within the products.

Cyquent think and breathe System Center within the enterprise, it’s what we do! We guide your organisation to realise the advanced capabilities. With our expertise, we help identify and understand of where the System Center product suite and related technologies will best assist your business. Identifying areas which others may easily miss. Our experiences and passion is to deliver advanced solutions to end user organisations which meet their business needs.

How we do it

Cyquent are a leading co-operative team of business and technical enterprise professionals, who are some of the best in the business, with a common vision to enable System Center and related technologies work effectively and efficiently for business. Our team helps your organisation achieve and deliver those difficult product benefits.

• Guaranteed delivery

• Excellence

• Experience

• Reputation

Whether you need short or long term expertise, we assist organisations to achieve the full potential of the System Center product suite for their business.

Who we do this for

Our clients are organisations from all markets, are any size and are in any global location. Cyquent has the rare niche experience and expertise to understand and deliver in this specialised area. For us the larger the organisation the better, however we welcome any size client wishing to realise the advanced benefits we deliver.

Our Clients

• Finance

• FTSE100


• Retail

• Manufacturing

• Consulting

We bring a unique skill to any organisation with our expertise, knowledge and experience, all within a single contract, becoming your organisations trusted partner.

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